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☠ Blacklists ☠

Post by Julibean on Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:14 pm

☠ Private Blacklist ☠

Someone who repeatedly break the Forum General Rules, harasses others, spam topics, or creates havoc in OSS, will be recorded in a private Blacklist maintained by Admins and Moderators. If a forumer does earn a spot on said list, they will be sent a PM by a Staff member who will inform them of the reasons and consequences of being Blacklisted.

If you are on the Blacklist and you misbehave once again, you will be automatically banned - meaning every account with your IP address. Getting your name on the Blacklist does not mean you will be permanently on there. If improvement and correction of behaviour is shown, your name will be taken off. Being repeatedly blacklisted will also lead to a permanent ban.

If you are completely new and you don't know the ropes yet- do not let this scare you into not posting! If a new forumer spams, or posts incorrectly, a moderator will PM them to inform and guide them in the right direction.


☠ Personal Blacklists on Topics ☠

OurWorld Safe Place was designed for a welcoming environment. With this in mind- Personal Blacklists will not be allowed on any personal topics.

OSS has a no tolerance rule for drama. If you have a problem with a fellow forumer, either take it to PM, or, if all else fails - contact a moderator and the appropriate action will be taken.

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